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Friday, July 4

Changes Coming

I did some updating on my Sendero page since I have not paid much attention to it for the past 18 months, and it happens to get lots of hits recently. I will probably do something more ambitious in the near future, as well as some updating on La Lista, Elections 2001 and Fujimori pages. In the meantime, I have my hands full with an upgrade of my web server, which requires me to upload all the files and transfer the domains to a new DNS server. I wanted to take advantage of new pricing at my hosting company, Interland. I have one other site that I am hosting.

More importantly, I have decided the resolve the split personality of this site, the Peruvian and personal content and the technical, professional and educational content that resides in the Backdoor Tech section. I purchased a domain name and will transfer the content to the new site. This section originally started out as a project for my Internet technologies course at the University of Maryland University College. Now it's evolving into something more oriented to my web development and IT work. It's just to constricting to try to fit it into the style that predominates in Peruvian Graffiti.

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