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Wednesday, July 30

Birth control pills and other contraceptives are disappearing from the Peruvian market

Birth-Rate Policies Whip-Saw Women in Peru: "The Peru health ministry last year denounced condoms that contained the spermicide nonoxynol-9. This spermicide was found by the World Health Organization to potentially increase a woman's chances of contracting HIV, since the spermicide aggravated the lining of the vagina, making it easier for HIV to penetrate the vaginal walls. The WHO, however, reiterated that using these types of condoms was better than no condom use, but the Peruvian government failed to mention this or to recommend other types of condoms other than those containing spermicide, thus leaving the impression that all condoms were dangerous." Women's eNews The strong influence of Opus Dei in the previous cabinet meant that the Peruvian government swung to a pro-life stance, after Fujimori's government was at the opposite end of the spectrum. In addition, women are required to register their pregnancies from the moment of conception. This is an opinion piece so I have not been able to check up on the validity of most statements.

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