Wednesday, June 11

Turning history into production

I chanced across a new site for me, Cusichaca Trust, a charity that puts pre-hispanic agricultural systems back into production. It is currently working in Ayacucho and Apurimac. Previously, it worked in Cusco in the district of Ollantaytambo. If you've ever seen the Inca terrace works there, you'll understand why they were drawn to the area. The founder is Ann Kendall, an archeologist long familar with Peru. I can remember stories in the Lima Times about her work. More power to them!

I found the site by checking my log of referring links, and found other surprises. La Esquina del Movimiento was found by Oscar Jr. Was Here. The author (obviously, Oscar Junior) has put together a world-wide listing of weblogs.On the main blog page, he seems to follow the Iraq War and the Middle East fairly closely. I appreciate the inclusion of this modest blog in his listing. A year ago, I was included on an entry.

I also discovered that my Peruvian poetry translations were picked by My Sendero resources were also cited for a History course at Rutgers University (that's in New Jersey for those not familiar with academic geography). The course was Colonialism to Globalization, taught by Professor Gail D. Triner.

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