Friday, June 13

Tech Central Station The Peru Snafu: "The Peruvian government's law number 27633 gives preferential, protectionist and discriminatory treatment to local Peruvian companies bidding on government tenders, including those for AIDS medicines. The final cost of drugs is somewhere between 12 and 20 percent above prices that Peruvian officials could obtain without the policy. According to the report Public Procurement and Competition in the Pharmaceutical Market, by the Peruvian agency for intellectual property protection, "the preferential treatment given to goods manufactured locally may have translated in the acquisition of some medicines at a higher price and therefore in an inefficient use of government's resources." This means that just reallocating funds away from domestic procurement could treat an extra 80 to 120 people." This opinion piece deals with Peruvian AIDS policy and related pharmaceutical policies. The author contends that this approach leads to overpriced treatments, thus depriving many of medicines because the budget can cover only a limited number of patients. I am sure that there are many angles to this story, but I have not got the time to get to the bottom of it.

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