Sunday, June 8

Miami Herald TV-takeover drama: 'reality show' in Peru: "The controversy is but the latest scandal to mar Toledo's battered presidency. While his critics have little proof, Toledo stands accused of using the judiciary and government agencies to take over two television stations. And, in doing so, the critics say, he is resorting to the same sort of skulduggery he railed against while running in opposition to the exiled former President Alberto Fujimori, whom he accused of unduly influencing the courts and of using tricks and back-room deals to tilt the press in his favor." The Delgado Parker family has cultivated political favors among different governments (Morales Bermudez, Belaunde, Garcia, come to mind) with tremendous resilence. They ran amok with Fujimori and Montesinos who effectively took the Panamericana TV company away from them.

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