Sunday, June 22

Inca codebreakers missing thier khipu rosetta stone

Inca may have used knot computer code to bind empire: "Professor [Gary] Urton's study found there are, theoretically, seven points in the making of a khipu where the maker could make a simple choice between two possibilities, a seven-bit binary code. For instance, he or she could choose between weaving a string made of cotton or of wool, or they could weave in a 'spin' or 'ply' direction, or hang the pendant from the front of the primary string or from the back. In a strict seven-bit code this would give 128 permutations (two to the power of seven) but Professor Urton said because there were 24 possible colours that could be used in khipu construction, the actual permutations are 1,536 (or two to the power of six, multiplied by 24)." Independent (UK) These knotted strings are also called quipus. The Harvard professor found that the system used a seven-bit binary code. The Inca may have been ahead of their times.

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