Tuesday, June 17

Changes Made and on the Way

I am in the process of revamping this weblog. I want to be able to use RSS so that I can let the world know when these pages are updated. As a first step, I am adding titles to the news items, which is needed for the RSS feed. The feature is not so important for the news items here, but it does have more bearing for other work that I want to be doing for clients. After two and a half years of doing this blog, it's time to shake things up a little bit. I have removed the news feed from Moreover. There were just too many false hits -- stories about all the towns and countries in the States named Peru. I also started see stories that seemed to have no relation at all to Peru -- lots of Pakistan Tribune stories. If there was a news agency story that got posted in multiple papers, it ended up being repeated many times in the news feed. A human editor is still needed.

Oh, by the way, I reorganized the Peruvian poetry section, giving each of my poets his/her own page. I also did a rough chronology of 20th century Peruvian poets that fits my translation into the broad current of Peruvian literature. It's still rough and broad brush strokes, but gives me something to play with.

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