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Tuesday, May 13

Fairy Tale

Monica and Mike GrbicWith my wife and kids, I spent the weekend in New York, actually Westchester County, at the wedding of my niece, Monica Murguia. She's the first of her generation to get married so it was a big event for the Chavez-Delgado clan. All four sisters joined their mother, who flew up from Peru. My daughter, Stephanie, was a bridesmaid, along with two other cousins. Her father, Reynaldo, flew in from Geneva where he works in UNICEF to give away the bride. Monica married a great guy, Mike Grbic. His parents, Mile and Zorka, are Croat, and it seemed that the whole Croatian colony in NY showed up to celebrate. We even had a Croatian band and we danced to it , as well as salsa and rock.

A Westchester Co. wedding is a sight to behold. The reception was at a country club; food and booze flowed freely. For anyone else, this might have been over the top, but Mike and his family carried it off with such joy and generosity that it was clear that they just wanted their friends and family to share in their happiness. Of course, why not be happy when Mike married such a beautiful bride -- who, by the way, graduates next week with a Master of Computer Science from Pace University.

The day after the wedding was Mother's Day so there was another big family gathering for a brunch that stretched well into the afternoon. Luisa (Tere's mother) said something about Saint Martin of Porras's little miracle because her daughters and grandchildren were not squabbling (just normal friction from a family being so close). Monica and Mike flew off to Mexico for their honeymoon and we limped back to Washington, DC.


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