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Sunday, April 6

Washington Post Peruvian Guerrillas Fight New Battle in Court: "Although few Peruvian officials expect Guzman or many other Shining Path members to go free, they agree that the volume and complexity of the new trials will strain the judicial system, which is disorganized, historically corrupt and widely despised for its lack of independence. Even Peruvian security officials who battled the Shining Path acknowledge that lawyers representing jailed guerrillas have developed a shrewd legal strategy to win their release. Fujimori, who fled the country for Japan two years ago ahead of human rights and corruption charges, considered the conflict a terrorist campaign. But Guzman's lawyers argue that the violence stemmed from a politically legitimate civil war, meaning that different laws and international conventions should apply to its combatants. Ultimately, they say, the government should resolve the political dispute by granting amnesty to imprisoned guerrillas and 15,000 others still wanted on terrorist warrants dating from that time."

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