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Monday, April 28

Split Personality

I have added a new section to this site. It is actually the website that I developed for my University of Maryland University College Masters program for Information Technology. It got me an A+, as "best of class." It has pictures of my classmates and some material developed for some of my courses. I also re-purposed material that originally appeared here. Because I started this site in the last seminar (December last year), it does not represent all the Program's course work. Because this site was hosted on a UMUC server, I could not be sure how long it would remain there.

I also do an evaluation of the UMUC Executive Program in Information Technology, what its strengths are, and what a future student might want to know before getting into the program. The kind of stuff that I might have wanted to know before I started. It's part of a larger reflection that I have undertaken after this life-changing experience. When I look back on where I was 18 months ago, I am struck by how far I have come in terms of competence and confidence. When I made the decision to take a graduate-level program, I had my doubts about whether I could handle the material. After all, I am not a geek by instinct or training. My classmates were mostly professionals who've been working in IT most of their careers. Now I know that I have the skills and capacity to tackle any technology issue.

Because my graduate studies are a watershed in my technology career and personal life, this shift should be reflected more clearly in my personal site. I have been thinking about starting a weblog that would deal with technology, but I don't know how I would produce something that's different from all the other technology weblogs. I am hesitant about writing about OAS technology decision since I deal with vendors and consultants. At the very least, I have to integrate the tech content into the current architecture of the site, rather than just pasting it on.

In any case, this site has developed a split personality -- my Peruvian past and IT. It will obviously show how I try to meld these two sides.

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