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Saturday, March 22

Success is so sweet

For the past 10 months, the archives of this weblog have not been updating. It tried everything I knew. I searched the Blogger.com site for help. I asked for help -- no response because the staff was overworked and then bought out by Google.com. The feedback from the system was that the files were being FTPed correctly to my web server, but I could not see the results. The archives (the older entries of the blog) were unchanged, immutable since May 5, last year. It was then that I had upgraded Blogger.com account to the Pro version.

This week, I chanced across the answer by accident. I had to do some housekeeping on the server because I had run out of storage space. I discovered that my blog files were being uploaded elsewhere on the server. What a relief. I have just completed the technical changes to the configuration of the blog account so that the files will be deposited in the correct folder.

While I'm at it, I might as well apologize for the scattering of entries this year to the blog. I have been on the home stretch of my Masters of Science in Information Technology at the University of Maryland University College. I am now taking the last course, called the Capstone, and will finish up on April 12. I will graudate on May 17. Eighteen months of sweat, tears and privation will have come to an end. Studies have consumed most of my non-work time, though I've tried to keep going to the gym so that I don't get fat and weak from staring at a computer screen all day.

A lot of my web efforts have gone into my program website that got me an A+ and the recognition as the best site of all my classmates. The site will be around for only a few more months because the university site administrators will erase the student sites. I will probably move the contents to my personal site under a special domain. I wanted to make the site into a kind of open notebook of my learning process and also a lasting record of my classmates. Some place where we can keep track of each other over the coming years.

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