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Tuesday, December 3

A Little Bit of Media History

I discovered a rich vein of archived news files and other articles on the Peruvian media and the closing days of the Fujimori regime at the Freedom Forum. It makes for an interesting chronology -- some AP stories, other written by Freedom Forum staff. I have placed all the links in the sidebar on the News Media page. Anyone who would like to do a quick research paper has all the material that they need here. Also see the document Press, Power and Politics: Peru 2000 (234 kb in Adobe Acrobat format). It was written by my friend Corinne Schmidt, who was a freelancer in Peru.

The Freedom Forum held a conference in which they examined the state of the media in Peru in March 2000. It sponsors a library at the Instituto Prensa y Sociedad (IPYS).

It's nice that I made this discovery and had the time to put together the links. Usually, I would not have been able to put aside two hours for the work.

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