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Tuesday, October 8

A Quick Postcard

I've spent a lot of time with my wife's family this past week. I am returning to Washington tomorrow in the evening, arriving at noon on Thursday. Lima has changed a lot since I left back in early 1996. It's a mixed bag -- some good and some bad. I walked around Miraflores today and saw that, for the most part, the neighborhood has gone downhill, except for the new commercial development at LarcoMar, overlooking the Bay of Lima. It's turned Miraflores on its head because it's a new axis for business and commerce. At the other end, near the juncture of Arequipa, Benavides, Ricardo Palma and Larco avenues, it looks rundown. That spot used to be the heart of Miraflores.

More and more of the "gente decente" are moving out into the La Molina, Surco area where huge apartment complexes are springing up.

Street crime is up and it means tourists and others have to keep on the alert. A full 5-6 years of economic stagnation has stiffened the fight for survival. Lima used to be relatively safde. Not any more.

I have to get off the line because my mother-in-law gets charged by the minute for Internet and phone access so I don't want to run up her bill. More coming later once I get back home and have broadband access.

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