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Wednesday, July 10

Financial Times Toledo poised to reshuffle Peru cabinet: "After anti-privatisation protests in Arequipa, Peru's second city, last month and in advance of a national strike planned this month, Mr Toledo is under growing pressure to tackle the "crisis of credibility" that threatens his government. He is expected to sack some key ministers, including, according to some reports, his market-friendly prime minister, Roberto Daņino, although other reports say Washington is backing Mr Daņino." The traditional July 28 reshuffle of the cabinet is coming early this year. Toledo has overheated the political engine of the country. I am sorry to see that the Financial Times is switching over to a subscription formula for its website. It has been getting excellent coverage of Peru from its correspondent Paul Kelly. $95 per year is just too much for me to cover at this time. I will try to keep pointing to the stories when they appear in FT.

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