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Sunday, July 14


I have completed a redesign of the site. Although it may not look much different from what it was, it actually took a lot of work. I have complete removed all tables as the layout support and substituted cascading style sheets. It now has a three-column format, with navigation on the left and a right column with highlights and special links. That leaves main content in the middle column. I am also switching over to XHMTL for the whole site. I still have to validate all the pages for compliance. The main idea is to become standards-compliant and improve the flexibility of the design. Eventually, I will create a new signature graphic for the site, but that's going to take more time.

I had been putting the remake off for nearly a year because I did not have time and because I said to myself that content was more important to put up than design, but there comes a time when design becomes an obstacle because the content has to be put in "containers" (design). I found myself saying to myself that I can add more material because I would have to redo it later on. Certainly, I now of a clearer idea of what kind of format I have to put photographs and other graphics because there are specific places where the illustrations can go, which determines their shape and dimensions.

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