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Saturday, June 8

NZZ Online Peru's Great Disenchantment - President Toledo Lacks Authority: "But Sagasti is also quick to leap to Toledo's defense. After 10 years of authoritarian rule and 12 years without any real economic growth, the task of governing Peru is titanic, he notes. Half the Peruvians live below the poverty line, 20 percent in critical poverty with chronic undernourishment. Peru, says the think tank head, has not experienced such a precarious social situation in its recent history. And a suddenly unleashed democracy, with a parliament shooting from the hip in all directions and media newly released from their muzzle, does not make Toledo's job any easier. Sagasti terms the peaceful transition from authoritarianism to democracy as a true 'civic miracle.'" This article is by Richard Bauer, a long-time correspondent in Lima. It's a good overview of the Toledo administration's plight.

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