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Sunday, May 19

Graduate News
My son, Matthew, graduated from George Washington University this weekend. He majored in geography, and has specialized in geographic information systems (GIS). Hopefully, that skill set will get him a good-paying job since he's going to have to pay off a lot of school loans -- he has two years at GWU. When he finished up with high school, we did not think he would get this far. Until his junior and senior years at Roosevelt High in Lima, he seemed inclined to melt into the background, but slowly he started showing flashes. He did not have the grades to get into a good college. He just wanted to go to a college near where his girlfriend was studying -- Boston. After two semesters there, he learned he could handle it -- and more. And he broke up with his girlfriend. He returned to the family fold because we couldn't afford to carry the school expense, but he worked full time and studied at the local community college. After a year, he got into GWU.

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