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Sunday, May 12

Forbes / Retuers Peru Congress nixes motion against economy minister: "Leading opposition party American Popular Revolutionary Party, or APRA, presented a motion last week in favor of a congressional review in which the fiscally conservative Kuczynski would be grilled on his management of Peru's struggling economy. But late Thursday, only 35 lawmakers in Peru's 120-member Congress, led by President Alejandro Toledo's Peru Posible party, voted in favor of the motion, falling far short of the two-thirds needed. Fifty-one voted against the motion, and 14 legislators abstained. Such a review could end in a vote to oust the minister, which would require a simple majority." This article and the following oneshould be read together as part of the political winds in Peru. That "only" 35 legislators of the ruling party shows how slim Toledo's hold on the Congress is. His coalition is loose and shallow.

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