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Sunday, May 12

Financial Times Peru finance minister vows to defy union opposition: "Mr Kuczynski was forced on to the defensive this week as the opposition threatened him with a summons to a parliamentary grilling and a censure motion. He told the FT, however, that he expected to survive since the opposition lacked the necessary votes to carry it through and he would not give in to leftwing opposition pressure to resign. Mr Kuczynski said he planned to remain in office for some months more but hinted that he might not stay the full two years he agreed to serve when appointed last year. 'I certainly expect to be here past mid-year. [To leave in] July would be too soon. But there are other people who can do the job,' he said. Even so, most analysts agree that his departure would increase investor jitters." about Peru." PPK gives credibility abroad, but is a lightning rod for protest in Peru.

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