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Sunday, May 19

CNN / Reuters Peruvian government labels strike a "flop": "Toledo's government has been beset by near daily marches and demonstrations by disgruntled job-hunters demanding he fulfill campaign pledges of 'more work' in a poor Andean nation where 55 percent of people scrape a living on $1.25 a day. Tuesday's action was also in protest of the privatization of two southern electricity generators that residents fear will lead to higher bills and workers fear will spark layoffs. Despite an economy turning the corner out of three years of stagnation, the feel-good factor is still lagging and unemployment plus underemployment top 50 percent, Toledo's popularity has plummeted. According to the latest polls, 71 percent of Peruvians disapprove of him." Just trying to catch up on old news, the attempt at a national work stoppage a few days ago. Regional leaders do not like the government putting up local electricity companies for sale.

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