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Tuesday, May 21

Bayarea.com Lost history revived: "half theater, half performance art piece, 'Strands' fuses video, spoken word and karate in an Asian American Theater Company production mounted to observe Asian Pacific Islander heritage month. This is a show about the chapter in history that some call ``hidden internment.'' While most of us have heard of Executive Order 9066, which authorized the incarceration of more than 110,000 Japanese-Americans, few know about what happened to people such as Quinones' grandfather. Kiichiro Yoshida was one of about 2,000 of Japanese ancestry who were taken from Latin America and interned in the United States during the war. A journalist living in Lima, he was torn from and never reunited with his family. After the war, he was not allowed to return home and was deported to Japan, where he began a new life." A Peruvian of Japanese ancestry gives a leason about how history drives a wedge between family members.

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