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Sunday, May 5

Apologies for the Disconnect

I want to explain why this log has not been updated recently -- and why it has been off-line for the past three days. I switched my hosting service from a Windows NT server to a Unix server that was cheaper and allowed me to provide hosting services to a few friends who wanted me to help them get on the Web. I had been caught up in work and school tasks, and did not prepare the new site for change-over. Then my hosting service switched over and the result was that GCI 275 went offline for at least 24 hours. It also took a while for the new IP address to perculate through the Internet.

I stayed up until 4:00 AM from Friday to Saturday, trying to get it fixed. There was a lot more work than I ever anticipated. I didn't get this blog to run until 9:00 PM on Sunday. A tip of the hat has to go to Interland's support staff who saw me through the ordeal with a lot of patience.

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