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Tuesday, April 16

Susan Baca
Guardian Ghetto blaster: "In 1992 she [Susan Baca] and her husband Ricardo Pereira, a Bolivian musico-logist, founded the Instituto NegroContinuo, a cultural and archival centre dedicated to the preservation, research and development of popular Peruvian music. Her signing to David Byrne's label Luaka Bop, she says, has thrust Afro-Peruvian music on to the international stage. 'Music that previously went unrecognised in its own country is suddenly being listened to, experimented with and appreciated across the world.'"

I first met Susana when she was an assistant at La Republica. I contacted her in 1985 to sing at an evening get together when Ms. Katherine Graham visited Peru. Susan insisted on getting $2000 for the performance while other musicians accepted $500 for a set.

Aside from that, Susana is today the shining light of Peruvian music and this article looks indepth into her development.

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