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Monday, April 15

NY Times A Coup by Any Other Name: "The Organization of American States, the most venerable alliance in the Americas, has a new Democracy Charter, signed by every one of its members, including the United States, on Sept. 11. It requires strong action against military coups. Yet, in all likelihood, it will be ignored in Venezuela's case, because Washington wanted Mr. Chávez gone." This intial analysis of the Venezuela situation was proven wrong. The OAS did pressure to reverse the coup, a highly unusually situation when you look back on Latin American history. Army generals do not like to be left with egg on their collective face. Washington was less than enthusiastic about protecting the rule of law. But other governments were worried abou the precedent. In the end, Chavez is back in the Venezuelan presidency. By the way, I worked at the OAS and was thrilled to see the NY Times refer to the OAS as a "venerable alliance".

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