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Monday, April 8

nj.com / AP Son's disappearance haunts mother as Peruvians seek reconciliation over long war: "The scenes were so horrific she cannot erase them from her mind. Bodies with eyes, tongues, jaws, fingernails or fingers missing. Once she found 15 bodies without heads. Even if a mother or father recognized the body of a loved one, they were not permitted to remove it. Soldiers with assault rifles guarded the dumps, Mendoza says, 'until the dogs and pigs finished, until they left nothing but bones. When the animals finished, there were only bones. You could not recognize them. But we would pick up what bones we could and take them to the hospital to be buried in a common grave.'" This is a story about the old days, when the military and Sendero fought each other in Ayacucho and killed a lot of innocent peasants. My friend, Monty Hayes, knows all about it because he was in Peru back then and covered the events.

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