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Wednesday, April 3

iWon / Reuters Peru economist De Soto to econmin: Good luck!: "De Soto, who helped disgraced former President Alberto Fujimori implement a raft of liberal economic reforms in the early 1990s, was tipped as a favorite for last year's Nobel prize for economics for his ideas on capital, development and property rights." What a cherry! Two mentions in the article that Hernando was within a whisker of winning the Novel prize.
"'Kuczynski is a very good banker, but the economy is a little bigger (than that),' De Soto said." Hernando has not running anything bigger than his think tank. PPK has been a minister of energy and mining, dug deep in international finance and set up his own company. The article mentioned how unpopular PPK is, but Hernando could not round up enough signatures to run for the presidency last year.

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