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Sunday, April 14

Boston Globe Peruvian criticizes Chavez record: '''He was never my cup of tea; he discredited democracy,' said Toledo, who spoke at a conference on international aid at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government before Chavez's successor, Pedro Carmona, quit amid heavy protests. Toledo, a Stanford-educated economist who took office in July after years of corruption during Alberto Fujimori's administration, has never been close to Chavez. The Venezuelan president supported Fujimori and gave sanctuary to his right-hand man, Vladimiro Montesinos, the previous president's spy chief who has been accused of overseeing the murder of political opponents. Still, Toledo said he wasn't celebrating the removal of Chavez. 'It can't be that every time you don't like a president, the military comes in,'' he said. ''One needs to be very careful that you don't replace one authoritarianism with another form of authoritarianism.'" Toledo speaks at Harvard about the troubles in Venezuela.

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