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Tuesday, April 9

BBC Peru probes human rights abuses: "One of the blackest periods of violence that the commission will examine is the 1996 prison riots, in which 400 Shining Path rebels were killed by the military. 'If the wars are considered dirty, then this war is especially dirty and terrible,' head of the commission, Salomon Lerner, told the Reuters news agency. What is absolute, what is definitive is that people were unjustly killed and human rights were violated. We are not trying to open Pandora's box, we are trying to air things that have been forgotten and stink,' Mr Lerner said. The commission - which was set up last year and is expected to end its inquiry next year - has also a mandate to identify the missing people and compensate the victims." News coverage of the violence in the 1980s and early 1990s is picking up.

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