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Tuesday, March 12

Newsweek Turning the Clock Back To Chaos?: "The dozens of Shining Path fighters based in the jungles downriver from the valley are raking in a share of the newly thriving drug trade’s profits. Under the leadership of a thirtyish native of the Ayacucho region named Raul, the guerrillas charge traffickers a fee to move shipments of processed coca paste through rebel-controlled territory. The revenue is used to buy modern assault rifles and pay local farmers for food crops in hard cash. The system represents a sea change in tactics for a rebel movement that in its heyday slaughtered peasants, torched farms and stole livestock. 'Shining Path is radically changing its modus operandi,' says Capt. Edward Lopez Torres, the head of the police force in San Francisco. 'Instead of killing or kidnapping people, they enter a community, talk with the farmers and buy their produce.'”

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