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Saturday, March 9

Forbes / Reuters Peru's Inca Kola eyes bottling merger with CocaCola: "Lindley sold half of Peru's banner Inca Kola, the neon yellow soda that is one of the few national drinks to top Coca-Cola, to the world's No. 1 soft-drink maker in 1999. Coca Cola also bought 20 percent of Lindley in the deal, which had a $200 million price tag." This article actually contains a lot of interesting things about soft drink consumption in Peru. I did not know that Inca Cola was in Coca-Cola's mits. Will eating chifa ever be the same? The other thing that surprised me is that Cola Real is from Ayacucho and holds down 15 percent of the soft drink market. That is probably due to lower transport costs in the Andes.

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