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Wednesday, February 27

Washington Post No Tears for Terrorists: "There will always be young Americans who go abroad and exercise monumentally bad judgment. Some will even get involved with terrorist organizations out to attack our country or anything associated with it. And there will always be parents who argue that their children are innocent regardless of the evidence. But Sept. 11 has demonstrated that we are all potential victims of terrorism, and that realization should cause us to take terrorism more seriously regardless of where it happens. It should also prompt us to provide no more sympathy and support for Lori Berenson than for John Walker Lindh." Ouch! Former U.S. Ambassador to Peru, Dennis Jett, writes a blunt op-ed piece that exposes the Lori Berenson case to the same light as Taliban sympathizers. He also states, "Given the evidence, the Peruvian court found Berenson's assertion of complete innocence and total ignorance about as plausible as an American court would if Lindh were to make the same claim."

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