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Saturday, February 23

SunSpot Links between El Nino, disease: "In findings reported last month to the American Meteorological Society, team members say they have found evidence linking the periodic surges of bartonellosis in the Peruvian Andes to the mating habits of a lowly sand fly and to the El Nino phenomenon in the waters of the eastern Pacific. More research is needed to confirm the results. But the findings add to a lengthening list of apparent cause-and-effect links between El Nino and outbreaks of human disease. Those include surges of hantavirus infections in the U.S. Southwest, cholera in South Asia and Peru, dengue fever in Vietnam and malaria in Africa." In Peru, bartonelleosis is called verruga, or bleeding warts, but that is really the final symptom of a more complex ailment. Fascinating stuff.

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