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Tuesday, February 19

Lori Berenson
Lots of news articles appearing about the Peruvian Supreme Court's decision to stand fast on Berenson's conviction and sentencing. I have not had a chance to sift through all of them and separate the repeats of news agency copy from the original articles. For those who want back ground, you can check out my Berenson page, which is also crying out for an update. Needless to say, Berenson's best hope is for Toledo to pardon her before or after the Bush visit next month. Otherwise, Washington is just going to be a pest about Berenson's case. Every time that Peru and the U.S. have to deal with an issue, the Berenson case will be brought up. I am also sure that if Berenson had not been a U.S. citizen -- say, a flaky European, her case probably would have been quietly resolved.

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