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Thursday, February 21

Financial Times Bad blood in Peru's political reshuffle: "The bad blood caused by the reshuffle has only accentuated an already bitterly partisan mood among Mr Toledo's party faithful, who feel the government's election manifesto is being betrayed by the Daņino-Kuczynski axis, brought in to restore Peru's economic credibility abroad, analysts said. Thus the ground has been laid for the next stage in a family feud between the Cabinet and a populist-minded ruling party, some of whom have speculated that Mr Daņino may not survive the year." Let's be clear that there are no "party faithful" in Peru Posible. It is slightly less ephemeral than a cabinet. It's also laughable that Alan Garcia is again talking about the government's support for "imperialist policies." Just look to Argentina for the consequences of unrealistic economic thinking disguised as populist slogans. Or we can look back to 1989 and 1990 when Alan unveiled his version of nationalism.

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