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Tuesday, February 19

Dallas-Fort Worth Star Telegram / Knight Ridder 'Gringa terrorist' fails to win release in Peru: "Now her family hopes that the influential Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, a Costa Rica-based arm of the Organization of American States, will call for her release. The commission carries moral authority, and although OAS countries are not bound by its recommendations, they traditionally follow them. The commission has pondered Berenson's case for four years and has not yet reached any decision. It has conducted three hearings and has been critical of the anti-terrorism laws on which she and thousands of Peruvians were convicted in the mid-1990s." The Commission's interest in Berenson's case was due to her being convicted by a military court in 1996. Now, with a new, public trial with proper defense and under civilian authority, it's doubtful that it would slap Peru's wrist.

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