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Friday, January 11

NY Times Fujimori, the Exile, Repackages His Peruvian Past: "The exiled Peruvian's powerful friends in Japan include Shintaro Ishihara, Tokyo's conservative governor, and Ryutaro Hashimoto, a former prime minister and the leader of a large parliamentary faction. 'Fujimori is very strongly protected by the Japanese right,' Mr. Álvarez, the journalist, said at the embassy reception this evening. Out of earshot of the ambassador, he added in a low voice, 'No one is going to get him out of here.' As a measure of his popularity in Japan, Mr. Fujimori managed to make Peru one of Japan's top foreign aid recipients in the 1990's, getting about $3 billion in the decade. But since his ouster, Japan's foreign aid to Peru has plummeted to one- tenth of that level." The author of this piece, James Brooks, used to cover Peru for several newspaper so he has the perspective to write well about Fujimori in Japan. The NY Times requires registration, but it's free.

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