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Sunday, January 27

LA Times In a Gray Light, Lima's Softer Side Shines: "Lonely Planet pulls no punches in its description: Poor. Crowded. Gridlocked. Noisy. Dirty. Polluted. Flat. Gray. Boring. Nerve-racking. Welcome to Peru's 467-year-old capital, a.k.a. 'The City of Kings.' Oh, and, watch out for thieves and pickpockets. They're everywhere. OK, so Lima's no day at Zuma Beach. It's no wonder most travelers avoid it or fly in and out as quickly as possible to glorious Cuzco, the ancient two-mile-high gateway to the magnificent Incan ruins of Machu Picchu. But as photographer Steven Adams and I discovered when we went in mid-October, Lima is an excellent place for Americans to encounter Peruvian culture, shop for bargains and experience the mad human rush of a first-class Third World city. And you can do all three without putting your life, health or credit card in any danger." This article confirms what we always knew about my old home town.

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