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Tuesday, October 9

Financial Times Spurned 'prophet' could bring Nobel prize to Peru: "But within Peru, his critics, mainly on the Left, see the pro-market Mr de Soto as an arrogant intellectual who has sniped at them from the sidelines. His success, his perceived aloofness and even his brush with Peruvian politics in the early 1990s have meant he is sometimes given a cool reception in Peru, bearing out the axiom that 'no man is a prophet in his own land'." Boy, has FT been memorizing De Soto's PR! De Soto has had two swings at working with Peruvian governments (Fujimori and Garcia). So he is not an unheard prophet -- neither wanted to buy into Hernando's policies completely, despite US AID giving substantial funding and political endorsement. A Miami Herald article on the same rumor. Update Hernando did not win the Nobel Prize for Economics, as this article said he might. This year has been rough -- no Nobel Prize and no Peruvian presidency (he was unable to get enough valid signatures to register his candidacy in February).

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