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Sunday, September 23

Thanks to the purchase of a scanner, I am copying TAFOS photographs and adding them to the site. I've also purchased a Dell computer, which has made my development work pleasureable. Unfortunatley, my mind has been on the tragic events of September 11 and impending events.

I might also add that I've scored a couple of points with my work at the Organization of American States. This past week, I figured out an arrangement that would allow the OAS to get Microsoft software licensing at non-profit prices. The savings will allow us to upgrade desktop and server software, as well as prepare ourselves to take full advantage of new technology. We had been buying our software out of discount catalogues for years, without getting any benefit for volumen purchases. The rest of the IT staff was afraid of dealing directly with Microsoft. I started making pitches to the local MS rep for striking a deal and then saw the possibility of using the Trust for the Americas as an umbrella organization.

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