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Sunday, August 26

Going back to school
I have been accepted at the University of Maryland University College's Graduate School to pursue a Master's of Science in Information Technolgy. It's a neat program that allows me to take classes on Saturdays or over the Internet for the next 18 months. I am really excited and challenged by the idea of gaining a formal education. I've been flying by the seat of my pants for the past three-four years but any more of this improv could get me into deep trouble. Anything I learn I can immediate apply at my OAS job and elsewhere.

The intensive study schedule will mean that I have to pull back on some of my commitment for this web site, my outside consulting and other web activities. I will try to steal time and ideas as best I can.

A year ago, I would not have had the self-confidence and energy to accept this kind of intellectual challenge. Nor would I have had the financial leeway to do it, but a lot has changed in the past two months to swing this more ambitious gameplan. It's a kind of breakthrough and breakout.

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