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Sunday, July 1

Newsweek What the Spy Chief Knows: "The unfolding corruption cases will strengthen calls to reform Peruís intelligence services. At a minimum, says one key Toledo aide, the Ministries of Defense and Interior, along with Montesinosís National Intelligence Service, must be brought under direct civilian control to avoid a repeat of past abuses. 'That change is indispensable,' argues Fernando Rospigliosi, a prominent journalist who is advising the president-elect. 'The intelligence services have always been controlled by the armed forces, and now that the military finds itself in a state of complete impotence Toledo has to choose between the status quo and a radical change that creates a civilian-led intelligence service.'" A risk in the reorganization process is that you sweep up the good elements within the military along with the Montesinos mafia. Other kinds of scores get settled in these disputes. Civilians tend to be color blind about military politics.

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