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Thursday, July 26

President Alejandro Toledo has announced the makeup of his first cabinet:

President of the Council of Ministers: Robert Dañino
Foreign Affairs: Diego García Sayán
Economía y Finanzas: Pedro Pablo Kuczynski
Defense: David Waisman
Interior: Fernando Rospigliosi
Education: Nicolás Lynch
Justice: Fernando Olivera
Industry, Turism, Integration and Internacionales Comercial Negociaciones: Raúl Diez Canseco
Energy and Mining: Jaime Quijandría
Presidency: Carlos Bruce
Agriculture: Alvaro Quijandría
Health: Luis Solari
Labor and Social Promotion : Fernando Villarán
Transport, Communication, Housing and Construction: Luis Chang
Fisheries: Javier Reátegui
Promotion of Women and Human Development: Doris Sánchez

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