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Wednesday, July 4

AlterNet.org CIA Gave $10 Million to Peru's Ex-Spymaster: "The U.S. Embassy has provided Peru's anti-corruption prosecutor with detailed information about the CIA's payments to Montesinos in response to the Peruvian government's wide-ranging investigations into Montesinos' malfeasance. The prosecutor, Ana Cecilia Magallanes, has told U.S. officials that she has documents showing the diversion of SIN money, including the CIA payments, toward illegal activities. Sources would not elaborate on what those activities included, but the prosecutor said it did not appear that those monies were diverted into Montesinos' personal accounts." Peruivian journalist Angel Paez breaks this story on the partnership between Montesinos and the CIA. Paez is working with the Center for Public Integrity's International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

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