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Wednesday, June 27

Yahoo / AP U.S. Seeks Quick Berenson Appeal: "The United States will say it hopes Lori Berenson (news - web sites)'s appeal will be heard soon in Peru. It will say that humanitarian considerations should be taken into account. What it hasn't said - and won't say - is that Berenson is innocent of charges that she collaborated with leftist guerrillas.Former U.S. officials say they aren't sure she is innocent. 'I don't know how anybody could look at the evidence and arrive at a different conclusion than she knew more than she's admitting to,' said Dennis Jett, U.S. ambassador to Lima from 1996-1999." Finally, a story out of Washington about Berenson that actually acknowledges that she was probably implicated in MRTA activities. The reporter is going to get transferred to Topeka, KA.

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