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Thursday, June 21

ScienceDaily Magazine Cornell-Bred, Blight-Resistant Potato Variety -- New York 121 -- Is Sent To Russia For Testing To Stave Off Potato Crisis: "In other studies, additional potato varieties developed for resistance to late blight in Eastern Europe are being tested in actual kitchen garden locations and in experiments conducted by Filippov and William E. Fry, a plant pathologist and senior associate dean at Cornell's New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. They will examine the spread of aggressive strains of late blight now being monitored in different potato-producing areas of Russia. By tracking the spread of the diverse forms of this pathogen, potato scientists will be able to better deploy resistant potato varieties developed at Cornell and elsewhere." Bill is a friend from my days at the International Potato Center and the work he's doing on potato blight will have a huge impact on production in the developing world. Also see another series on potato plight.

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