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Friday, June 29

Pacific News Jaded Peruvians Wonder if New Indian President can Save U.S. from Culture of Cynicism: "The only rulers that all Peruvians, regardless of race, look up to are those from the ancient Incan civilization who were decimated and then enslaved by the Spanish conquistadores. And this is the image Toledo wraps himself in as he dons ancient Indian garb and posters show him with Incan warrior Pachacutec as his patron saint. In this way, he contrasts himself with Francisco Pizarro, Peru's conquistador, who, by betraying the Incas set the stage for a spirit of greed. This spirit seems to have taken residence in the government palace that he built during colonial times and has been the home of Peruvian presidents ever since." Andres Tapia speaks about being Peruvian on the edge of the 21st century.

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