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Friday, May 18

Presidential Debate Live Via Internet For those with a masochistic spirit, you will be able to watch the debate between Alejandro Toledo and Alan Garcia live via the Internet by tuning in to Terra.com at 8:00 pm (Lima time) or 9:00 EST. You will need to have Real Player 8.0 to receive the feed (Spanish version and English version).

Please be advised that it is a long way from Peru to anywhere else on the Internet, and bandwidth may not be sufficient to cover the demand. But the broadcast is being underwritten by Terra.com (Telefónica del Peru / Spanish telecom mega-company) which does have the power to plug it straight into the pipeline.

Other options are America TV for video and RPP for a sound feed. Also try 24Horas, which also has canned versions of Panorama and other TV news programs.

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