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Wednesday, May 16

An Evening of Discovery I had a really enjoyable session on the Web this evening. I pumped into Writing on the Palm, written by novelist Jeff Kirvin. He has some really interesting ideas about using personal data assistants (PDAs) for writing, outlining, brainstorming and creativity. I've been intrigued by outlining software since the mid-1980s. Although getting organized and writing creatively are not necessarily the same thing, I did find combining them helped me process a lot of disperse informaton. Kirvin also has some compelling arguments for electronic publishing. He has a weekly column that he has sustained 18 months. Some thought provoking stuff.

I have used Inspiration for barnstorming the past six months, and I'm now exploring some of the options mentioned by Kirvin, including Progect and WordSmith, two products for the Palm OS. Bending these tools with Kirvin's ideas has got me smoking.

Jump to the Politics and Violence section I have appropriated a segment of a Huaman Poma de Ayala drawing as the signature graphic for Peruvian Graffiti. I have been looking for ways to incorporate more of his drawings in the site, but I've got a back log of photos and other graphics that I have yet to write the content that goes around them.

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