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Thursday, May 24

Chicago Tribune Peru is protecting its `Lost World': "The Cordillera Azul had been so little explored that nobody knew what to expect when the expedition started. The scientists were richly rewarded, recording 1,600 plant species (out of an estimated 4,000 to 6,000 species thought to live in the area), including at least 12 species new to science. New species found Zoologists found 71 mammal species, including a new squirrel species. They recorded 500 bird species, including one new to science, and eight new species of frogs among 82 amphibian and reptile species. They found 10 new species of fish, including sucker-mouthed catfish that use their mouths to cling and climb steep rock surfaces in waterfalls." Fascinating story about an unexplored area of the Peruvian interior that has been saved as a national park.

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