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Tuesday, January 9

Just as I mentioned in a previous post, former president Alan Garcia is headed back to Peru and will be running for the presidency for his party, the American Popular Revolutionary Alliance or APRA. The other noteworthy name is that Hernando de Soto, the underground economy guru, who will also be running. The only Fujimori ally that is running is former finance minister Carlos Bolona. There are 17 candidate slates in all. Ten were from political groups that were already registered with the National Elections Board (JNE) while seven will have to wait to see if their signature lists pass inspection. The next deadline is for legislative candidate lists, which is January 23.

Garcia's probable candidacy has got me going. I have started a special section on the Garcia presidency (1985-90). least anyone forget the mess that he made of Peru. Garcia to stand in Peru election: "Promising to decentralise the political system and create jobs, the former president is planning to return to Peru for the first time in eight years." This man is dangerous because he is so politically astute, heads above anyone else on the Peruvina politcal scene. This election campaign will probably serve to strip away the external layers of distrust. Then, when the new governmnet starts bumbling, Garcia can work his magic again.

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